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Heal. Expand. Grow.

Transformative experiences with Vicente Gannam, PhD.

Stress Release and Nervous System Reset

Transformational method to reset and re-tune your nervous system through physical touch of the main branches of the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is responsible for fight, flight, or freeze responses. This method  is a somatic approach that helps the nervous system move towards a more parasympathetic dominance.

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Triple Vagal Method


Practices to train the mind by deliberately focusing on the breath, the body, a movement, an object, a sound or a word.
Promotes emotional health and self-awareness, increases concentration, resilience and the ability to respond to stressful situations. Also effective in improving sleep, decreasing depression, anxiety, physical pain, emotional reactivity, and reliance on unhealthy behaviors. 

Benefits of Meditation:
Mayo Clinic
Forbes Magazine


Drumming induces a meditative state in a way that is engaging and happens without effort. In other forms of meditation, there may be a struggle to focus. With drumming, it’s easy to focus on the rhythm, because the vibration is powerful. The driving beat of a drum provides a sharp focus that easily focuses the mind.

Can support the release of "endorphins and other "feel good"chemicals, decrease depression and anxiety and increase mental wellbeing and social resilience. 

Benefits of Drumming

Royal College of Music

National Library of Medicine

Kripalu Center for Yoga

Safe Sound Protocol

Evidence-based listening therapy designed to improve regulation and social engagement
behaviors through filtered music.

Acoustic vagal nerve stimulation,
helping to re-tune the nervous system to support connection and resilience.
Benefits individuals with
trauma, anxiety, sensory processing differences and

Learn more about the Safe Sound Protocol

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Sound Healing

Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs and other instruments are used to create specific sound vibrations to balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit while you lie down comfortably.

Decresases tension, anxiety, fatigue, depression, negative moods and anger. Also improves wellbeing and positive moods.

Benefits of Sound Healing:

Globe and Mail


Huffington Post

Medical News Today

What we Offer

Single Sessions

Sound Healing, Stress Release/Nervous System Reset, Meditation and Drumming.

1 to 3 people

Half or Full Day Packages

A deeper experience integrating different modalities. Designed to suit your needs based on an initial assessment.

1 to 6 people


Special themed workshops offered monthly from May to October. Check the Events page for more.

Up to 15 people

What People Say


The resonance of the singing bowls created such a sense of balance and flow. What a gift!


I can only describe the experience as uniquely magnificent. Vicente's sound bath with Tibetan bowls is out of this world.


Vicente and his singing bowls will not only relax your body but will also take you to another state of mind!


We were able to fully relax while the amazing sound vibrations filled the space and reverberated pleasingly through our mind and body.


 The vibrations of the singing
bowls reverberated throughout our bodies and minds and connected us
with a very special place.

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