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Embrace the  ease you were meant  to live in.

Transformative experiences with
Vicente Gannam, PhD.

Modalities we offer

Our sessions combine several modalities to help you return to that state of calm and the sense of safety within yourself that we are all meant to live in. Read below the benefits specific to each of the modalities we offer. In addition to those benefits, research shows that all the methods listed below can help you return to your natural flow and rediscover the optimal pace for living your life, where you are open, creative, grounded, focused and feel connected to yourself and others. This is when your parasympathetic nervous system is engaged. Our sessions, combining many of these modalities, can help you return to the parasympathetic state, build your nervous system's capacity to stay there most of the time and return there faster after you experience a stressful event. To learn more about how our sessions can impact your well being and help heal your nervous, please click on the button below.

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What People Say


The resonance of the singing bowls created such a sense of balance and flow. What a gift!


I can only describe the experience as uniquely magnificent. Vicente's sound bath with Tibetan bowls is out of this world.


Vicente and his singing bowls will not only relax your body but will also take you to another state of mind!


We were able to fully relax while the amazing sound vibrations filled the space and reverberated pleasingly through our mind and body.


 The vibrations of the singing
bowls reverberated throughout our bodies and minds and connected us
with a very special place.

Healing Stones

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If there were any aspects of your session that didn't meet your expectations, we would love to hear from you directly. Your insights are crucial in helping us improve and provide the best experience possible. Please contact us to let us know.

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