The #1 rising wellness trend!


"One of the year’s noteworthiest currents in the wellness world." Vogue

"Sound healing is being incorporated into yoga sessions, spa treatments and workshops. This is one of the activities that experts say is set to be one of the biggest trends for the year." Harper's Bazaar

With stress being such a problematic health concern in today’s culture, mindful practices like sound healing are more important (and worth looking into) than ever before." Notable Life

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Looking to add something new to a special occasion?

You can book a sound bath for your party or celebration (wedding, birthdays, reunions, etc.), a get together with friends, a team building activity at your work, or an anniversary with someone special.

Have something else in mind?  

Manage a SPA or yoga studio?

You can book a one-time sound bath for your staff or clients

I can offer regular sound healing sessions that are guaranteed to “wow” your clientele.

Not sure? Book a free demo and try it before you decide.


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Meditation Lounge - on hold due to COVID


8:00 - 8:45 pm

Alive Yoga and Fitness


This session offers a variety of meditations, experiences and simple tools to support your well-being, helping you discover a sense of calmness and inner harmony. Using a different type of meditation each week, these classes offer you a safe space to explore what works for you and what nurtures you best. We begin with a relaxing practice to calm the mind and body, then use some gentle sounds from Tibetan bowls to prepare for one of the main meditation that follows: mindful breathing, gentle movement, visualisations, cultivating intentions, chakra balancing or heart-centered practices such as gratitude and loving-kindness. These classes can help you become more grounded, positive and peaceful and enable you to respond rather than react when facing stressful situations. Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, join our circle every Tuesday and explore how you can benefit from these ancient practices.



Coming up 


Alive Yoga and Fitness


We are working on an amazing session to be offered on Fridays to get you ready  and relaxed for the weekend. Sound massage combined with restorative yoga. More to come. Subscribe to stay up to date.



The resonance of the singing bowls created such a sense of balance and flow. What a gift!


I can only describe the experience as uniquely magnificent. Vicente's sound bath with Tibetan bowls is out of this world.


Vicente and his singing bowls will not only relax your body but will also take you to another state of mind!


We were able to fully relax while the amazing sound vibrations filled the space and reverberated pleasingly through our mind and body.


 The vibrations of the singing
bowls reverberated throughout our bodies and minds and connected us
with a very special place.


In the media

In the media


How Sound Baths Ended Up Everywhere

“Bring yourself back to your awareness,” said Sara Auster, a self-proclaimed sound healer, after 45 minutes in a ballroom at a hotel in Chicago where she created vibrations using crystal bowls and tuning forks as well as a traditional Indian accordion, known as a shruti box...


Effects of Singing Bowl Sound Meditation...

Poor mood and elevated anxiety are linked to increased incidence of disease. This study examined the effects of sound meditation,specifically Tibetan singing bowl meditation, on mood, anxiety, pain, and spiritual well-being...