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I started meditating in 1990, while using a holistic approach to recover from anxiety and depression. Meditation became an integral part of my life and led me to several other practices that helped me heal, grow and expand. I am grateful for the opportunity to support others and help them benefit from those practices like i did. 

My Background



    • Triple Vagal Method for trauma release, US

    • Naad Yoga Sound Meditation Teacher Training, UK

    • Sound Healing and Ceremony, Guatemala

    • Yoga Nidra Teacher Certificate, India

    • YOQI Qigong Flow, Certified Associate Instructor, Thailand

    • Meditation Teacher Training, India

    • Intermediate and Advanced Sound Healing, Nepal

    • Certificate in Applied Mindfulness, Canada

    • Integrative Vibrational Therapy, Thailand

    • Integrated Community Drumming Facilitator, Canada

    • Sound Healing with Singing Bowls, India

    • Other Meditation Training : Compassion Cultivation Training, Transformative Mindfulness, Meta Meditation, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

    Other Highlights

    • PhD in Adult Education

    • MA in Counselling Psychology

    • Diploma in Mental Health Counselling

    • Certified Life Skills Coach

    • Certified Enneagram Teacher

    • Five years in contemplative community

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