I started meditating 28 years ago, while using a holistic approach to recover from anxiety and depression. Since then, meditation has become an integral part of my life.

I have received meditation training from the Shambhala Centre and the Zen Centre in Toronto as well as Transformative Mindfulness International. I am a Certified Meditation Instructor and Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner by the Satyam Shivan Sudaram Centre in India. I received private training in Nada Yoga, Tibetan singing bowls and vibrational healing at the International Nada Yoga Centre in Nepal. I have completed 100h Sound Ceremony training in Guatemala and 50h Integrated Vibrational Healing in Thailand. I am an Associate Qigong Instructor with YOQI in Thailand. I have also completed the Foundations of Mindfulness Certificate Program at the University of Toronto. I currently work with the MInistry of Community Safety and Correctional Services where i deliver mindfulness sessions for correctional professionals. I also teach mindfulness meditation at Alive Yoga and Fitness in Toronto.

My PhD is in Adult Education, and my Masters Degree, in Counselling Psychology. I have a diploma in Human Services Counselling with a focus on addictions and mental health. I am also a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, a certified Life Skills Coach, certified Enneagram teacher and certified English as a Second Language teacher. I also spent five years in a contemplative community in Northern Ontario.

Prior to working in the social work field, I was a Civil Engineer and Interior Designer.