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Alive Again

Marmora ON

  • Starts May 11
  • From 149 Canadian dollars
  • Marmora

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Service Description

Highlights of Each Session Session 1: Awakening Harmony Grounding Practice and Check-In: Participants begin by grounding themselves and checking in. Introduction to Nervous System : Understanding the nervous system, the importance of resetting and retuning, co-regulation, window of tolerance and amygdala hijack. Discussion: Sharing expectations and setting intentions for the journey ahead. Therapeutic Activities: Tapping, Breathing Practices, Humming and Affirmations. Sound Healing: Participants experience soothing vibrations g to promote relaxation and balance. Closing: Debrief and home practices for upcoming weeks. Session 2: Rebalancing Journey Grounding Practice and Check-In Exploring Trauma Release: Introduction to self regulation techniques and their role in promoting healing and resilience. Therapeutic Activities: Shaking, Slow Movement, Group Processing, Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing. Trauma Release Self-Touch: Participants learn self-care technique to release tension and support healing. Sharing: Reflecting on the impact of practices and sharing insights with the group. Home practices for upcoming weeks. Session 3: Renewal Path Grounding Practice and Check-In: Cultivating Resilience: Exploring new practices to cultivate resilience and inner strength. Therapeutic Activities: Drumming, Tapping, Mindful Journaling, Affirmations and Sound Healing. Trauma Release Self-Touch: Continued practice of self-care technique for releasing tension and promoting relaxation. Sharing: Sharing experiences and discussing strategies for coping. Home practices for upcoming weeks. Session 4: Harmonizing Wellness Grounding Practice and Check-In Integration and Reflection: Reflecting on the transformational journey and integrating insights into daily life. Therapeutic Activities: Humming, Breathing Practices, Setting Intentions, Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing. Trauma Release Self-Touch: Final practice of self-care techniques to support ongoing wellness. Closing: Participants come together for a final sound healing session and gratitude meditation. Minimum of 3 participants is required for this program to run. After you registers, you will receive a confirmation as soon as we have 3 registrations. Otherwise, a full refund will be provided.

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Cancellation Policy

No cancellations, no rescheduling, no refunds, not transferrable to other sessions/services. Not transferrable to non-registered participants.

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  • Marmora, ON, Canada

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