Private and Group Online Meditation Classes

Classes are tailored to each individual or group and usually focus on modern and ancient practices that have been shown to have decrease stress, decrease anxiety, increase sense of wellbeing, enhance focus, concentration and sleep, improve creativity and support personal and spiritual renewal.

  • Individual (30min) - $65

  • Group (40min) - $15/person, minimum 4 participants


Types of meditation that may be included in classes:

  1. Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation: focus on increased awareness of the present moment and our perceptions of what is happening in our mind, body and surroundings. 

  2. Devotional: focus on  connecting with the universal energy for personal renewal and rejuvenation

  3. Intentional: focus on achieving personal change and growth, such as gratitude and loving kindness

  4. QiGong flows for physical and emotional wellbeing (extra charges apply)

  5. Body movement and shaking: focus on using the body to achieve deep states of relaxation and insight

  6. Chakra Balancing: visualisations, chanting and movement to help balance our main energy centres

  7. Chanting: using the power of vibration to release stress at the cellular level

Private and Group Sound Healing Sessions

For these sessions we use Tibetan singing bowls, tingsha and gong. These have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They stimulate our brainwaves, creating a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of body and mind. Their sound helps the brain move into wave frequencies that induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind, and intuition. They enhance awareness of the mind/body connection, engaging our relaxation reflex and inhibiting the stress or pain response.

  • Individual: (45 min) - $100

  • ​Group (60 min) - $30/person, minimum 6 participants


Types of sound healing sessions:

  1. Sound bath - creates a healing field of sound around you that promotes deep relaxation, peace, clarity of mind and intuition. Each sound bath session is unique and the sounds are created in the moment through intuitive listening and inner guidance.

  2. States of mind - uses singing bowls to generate frequencies we normally cannot hear, whose vibration can induce alpha, theta and delta brain waves. These types of brain waves are associated with deep relaxation (not available for groups)

  3. Aura cleansing - specific frequencies are used in a particular sequence that that helps clear the energy field around your body

  4. Elemental balancing - uses specific frequencies that connect with and balances the five elements in your body and your five senses

  5. Chakra cleansing - uses frequencies that connect with the vibration of each of the seven main chakras to balance them and support better energy flow between them

Want to know more about sound healing? Read an article about it or find more details here. How about some short videos?


I also design longer sessions, from 90 min to a full day, that provide a combination of any of the types of meditation above as well as sound healing. The specific design will depend on the needs of each group and the purpose of the workshop. For every workshop participants will leave with short techniques they can practice on their own and enough information to allow them to start a meditation practice.